How To Alleviate Sciatica Pain?

The most common misconception of sciatica is that it is a medical condition in and of itself. However, sciatica actually refers to a group of symptoms caused by other issues in your lower back! Sciatica specifically describes the pain that runs up and down your legs from your buttocks or lower back. It is caused […]

Knee Osteoarthritis

As a key joint in the body, a biomechanical structure that bears much weight and is constantly subjected to repeated stress, the knee is especially prone to wear-and-tear. Knee osteoarthritis is the most common chronic knee condition and can be debilitating. How does knee osteoarthritis occur? As discussed in the previous article, the knee joint […]

What Causes Hip Pain?

In our previous blog post, we explored the anatomy and function of the hips. But what happens if your hips are injured and hurting? While hip pain can be common, it is often a sign of injury of a more severe condition—and should not be taken lightly. Whipping your hips back into shape requires the […]

What Are The 5 Types of Arthritis?

Here’s a fact: there are actually over a hundred types of arthritis! However, forms of arthritis like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are more common in patients than other types. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five most common types of arthritis, their causes and ways to treat them. What is arthritis? Mayo […]

Survey: Chiropractic Issues Across Age Groups

At My Chirocare, we see all sorts of patients: children, adults, elderly. Across all these patients, a myriad of conditions pop up: from text neck to slipped discs and headaches, we’ve seen it all. However, certain age groups are more prone to certain musculoskeletal issues, which necessitate specific treatment plans. In this article, we present […]

My Fingers Are Stuck! All About Trigger Finger

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t straighten your fingers without feeling clicking and popping? Did you ever feel as if your fingers were going to be bent permanently? Have you tried pulling your finger only to feel like it was about to break? Trigger finger is troublesome and highly inconvenient; it occurs when one […]

Wrecked Wrists: Wrist Pain Causes and Treatments

Our wrists are so delicate yet important: from small, minute tasks like typing and writing to big movements like lifting, we use our wrists for almost everything! However, because of this, our wrists are incredibly prone to injury. Common causes of wrist pain include: Overuse and strain, caused by grabbing, gripping and twisting repetitively. This […]

Elbow Pain: Symptoms and Treatments

A quick Google search for “elbow pain” pulls up the following terms: “inner elbow pain”, “outside elbow pain”, “tennis elbow” and “elbow pain treatment”. All these point to just how common elbow pain is! Let’s take a look at what elbow pain is. Brief Anatomy of the Elbow The elbow is a joint made up […]

Is That A Crack In My Back? Identifying Back Pains§

In our previous two articles, we learned about disc bulges and herniations and various back problems. We conclude this series with a very important instalment: learning how to describe the type of pain you’re experiencing! The key to getting the right treatment is to establish which type of back pains and symptoms you may be […]

Is That A Crack In My Back? Upper and Lower Back Strains

In the previous article, we talked about disc bulges and herniations. Today, we’ll be discussing another common source of back pains: upper and lower back strains. Where exactly is the upper and lower back? Our upper back is also called the thoracic spine. As the name suggests, it forms the upper part of the back […]