Vlog: How Do Spinal Decompression Tables Work?

Have you wondered how a spinal decompression table actually works? We hear you, and here’s us sharing with you the mechanics behind this wonderful technology- helping patients with acute/chronic pain to relieve pressure from chronic neck and back pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves and form general wellness throughout their chiropractic journey with us. 💙 Spinal […]

Vlog: Stretches for Neck & Back Pain

Many of us spend our days seated at our desks hunched over computer screens, phones and papers for long hours. With the pandemic still ongoing, this has become even more pronounced as working from home is an increasingly-popular option! In order to relieve all the resulting neck and back pains from all that sitting, moving […]

Vlog: A Worrying Trend—Text Neck in the Youth

Previously, we covered the symptoms of text neck and some tips on managing your condition. In today’s vlog, we’re going to take a look at a concerning pattern: the rise of text neck cases in our youth. We’ll also demonstrate treatment options suitable for youths with the condition. A brief refresher: what is text neck? […]

Is Text Neck Troubling You? Treating Text Neck Syndrome

If you’re looking down at your tiny phone screen now, take a moment to notice how you’re feeling. Do you feel: Instant upper back and/or neck pain? Nagging or sharp pain in your shoulders at the end of each day? General shoulder pain and/or tightness? Intermittent or constant headaches? Postural problems? If you’re experiencing these […]