Nurturing Your Child’s Well-Being: How Chiropractic Care Enhances Your Child’s Health

Nurturing Your Child’s Well Being How Chiropractic Care Enhances Your Child’s Health featured

As new parents, the journey of nurturing your child’s health can feel overwhelming. Amidst the many available options, studies have shown that chiropractic care is beginning to emerge as a gentle yet powerful standard of care towards natural healing, offering holistic help to common childhood ailments. With a growing desire for natural and proactive approaches […]

Nurturing Healthy Growth: The Impact of Chiropractic Care on Your Child’s Development

Mother and her child

In the intimate and personal journey of parenting, every decision revolves around the desire for our children’s optimal growth and development. From the first days of infancy to the energetic years of adolescence, the spine plays a crucial role- particularly during these formative years where the spine’s vulnerability is most pronounced. (a picture of a […]

Is it Safe to Bring a Child to a Chiropractor?

Is it safe to bring a child to a chiropractor featured

Dear parents, We understand that navigating the realm of healthcare for your little one can be overwhelming, especially when considering if something should be a long-term management for their growth benefit. In fact, “Is it really safe to bring my child to a chiropractor?” is a valid question we constantly hear from parents who first […]

Scoliosis in Children: 6 signs to watch for

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Scoliosis in children happens more often than you think. Most commonly found in pre-adolescents and adolescents during a child’s growth years, 80% of the scoliosis  is identified as Idiopathic Scoliosis (I.S.) – most commonly presented in children between the ages of 10-12 years old. So what is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a distortion of the spine […]

Bad Posture in Children – Fixing the issue before it turns into a life-long problem

Spinal Deformity Types

Are you concerned about your child’s bad posture? You should be! Do you know, children who slouch or have any other types of bad posture are often present with cases of spinal misalignments (causing chronic lower back pain, pinched nerves conditions, growing pains around their pelvis, spine, knees and hips), kyphosis (hunched back) and even […]

Vlog: Meet our new Chiropractor – Dr Nin Kee

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Starting May 2022, My Chirocare will be welcoming an additional member to our Chiropractic team- Dr Nin Kee. Here’s a short Vlog introducing Dr Nin Kee, have a watch 😉 About Dr Nin Kee Providing a Holistic Chiropractic Care Dr Nin Kee graduated with distinction in Master of Chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, […]

Vlog: A Worrying Trend—Text Neck in the Youth

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Previously, we covered the symptoms of text neck and some tips on managing your condition. In today’s vlog, we’re going to take a look at a concerning pattern: the rise of text neck cases in our youth. We’ll also demonstrate treatment options suitable for youths with the condition. A brief refresher: what is text neck? […]

Vlog: What is Scoliosis?

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Scoliosis is a condition where your spine is abnormally curved, either in a C or S-shape, instead of maintaining its natural, straight shape. Scoliosis can be experienced by people of all ages, including children. There are two types of scoliosis: structural and functional. In this article, we briefly touch on structural and functional scoliosis and […]