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Dr. Michelle Tan


(non medical or dental)

‘’Service for mankind’’ has always been Dr. Michelle’s motto since she joined St John Ambulance when she was fourteen. Through her time in St John Ambulance, she knew she wanted to be in healthcare, helping people in their health. Chiropractic allowed her to take a hands-on approach to help people get to the root cause of their health problem using natural healing modalities. 

Being able to experience chiropractic care herself, Dr. Michelle understands that at any point, the amount of discomfort that anyone should feel is zero. Stiffness, aches and pains shouldn’t be a norm. 

“A lot of pregnant ladies think that back pain is normal during pregnancy, just like how elderly will think that pain comes with age. It truly doesn’t have to be like this.” 

While she pursued knowledge and skills for pregnancy and paediatric care, she found the wonders of how chiropractic works on optimising the function of the body from the day we were conceived and the day we took our first breath.

Apart from providing chiropractic care to the patients, Dr. Michelle will always assist her patients by making sure that they’re doing proper rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle and nutritional modifications. 

Chiropractic Training and Experience 

After graduating from Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC), Dr. Michelle practised in the UK where she had been the chiropractor for multiple professional and semi-professional footballers, MMA wrestler, professional badminton player, singers, theatre actress as well as babies, pregnant ladies and elderly. Her youngest patient was 16 hours old and her oldest patient was 98 years old! 

She is a registered member of General Chiropractic Council (GCC) UK and a registered member of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) USA. She is also a Webster Certified practitioner.