6 Tips To Improve Your Back & Posture

We all know that manual labour may lead to physical trauma or injuries to our spine. However, not many know that prolonged sitting can be a form of stress, strain and silence trauma to our spine too!

Why is prolonged sitting unhealthy for us?

Prolonged sitting causes a condition called creep: our spine ligaments are stretched and lengthened and cannot return to their normal length. Our muscles contract and shorten, leading to common postural issues such as the head forward, rounded shoulder and hunched back postures.

Here are six tips to minimise the damaging effects of prolonged sitting.

1. Take regular breaks every 30 mins – 1 hour

Your body is not designed to stay in the same position for a long time. Get some movement in every now and then: grab a drink, go for a toilet break or walk around. If you are really busy, a quick spinal twist and stretch that takes only seconds is better than nothing.

2. Rest against the backrest of your chair

Get your back leaning against the backrest of your seat. This will ensure you sit upright, relieving the burden off the muscles holding your sitting posture.

3. Ensure your chairs have a lumbar support

Your lumbar spine is the arched section at the bottom of the spine. In a neutral position, it should have a normal arch. However, when sitting for an extended period of time, the lumbar spine starts to straighten. This causes strain, micro-damage and deeply uncomfortable lower back pain [1] Resolve this by investing in a chair with a lumbar support design or a lumbar support cushion for your seat.

Look out for chairs with lumbar support such as these!

4. Stretch regularly

As mentioned, muscles are shortened by prolonged sitting. Stretch the muscles around your neck, shoulders and chest frequently to prevent shortening and improve your posture. Some stretches you can do include standing chest stretches, neck rolls and shoulder rolls.

5. Exercise regularly

Exercise strengthens and improves the endurance of the muscles that hold posture. Exercising and strengthening your body the right way allows you to maintain good sitting posture for a longer time. Some good exercises include lower back workouts, walking and tai chi—easily done at home or at a nearby open space!

Lower back workouts are effective strengthening exercises.

6. Seek chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic care helps identify restrictions and dysfunction caused by prolonged sitting and treats them before our body tissues are permanently damaged. Chiropractic care also treats the effects of prolonged sitting like neck pain, headaches, lower back pain and various postural issues.

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