Hello, everyone! We are 2 years old this April!


How fleeting time is…
In practice, every year is a milestone for us. As we gain another birthday for My Chirocare, we are grateful to have the continuous opportunity to help our patients relieve pain, restore health and improve their quality of life through chiropractic therapy. This could not have been possible without the love and trust from our community throughout these past years.

As we all know, the cost of inflation is an inevitable one. While most clinics have increased prices due to economic reasons i.e. the rise of operational costs and increment of GST, we promised to remain our prices in 2023. Making this crucial decision has not been easy on us as we are also facing a brunt of rising costs, like everyone else, everywhere. Nevertheless, we have decided to absorb these costs even when we do not have any external funding…all because we know this is the right thing to do to make chiropractic care in Singapore affordable to our loving community.

We are grateful for the knowledge and opportunity to spread the awareness of the importance of health investment (as important, if not more important than financial investment) for all age groups. As they say- ageing is inevitable but pain is optional. Healthy citizens are the greatest asset of a country.

At My Chirocare, we only have one birthday wish🎂🥳 We hope our community of patients continue to support us and spread the love of My Chirocare to their family and friends- That itself, means the world to us- and will fuel us to keep doing what we are doing – to raise the awareness of spinal care and to help more people of all age group to have better quality of life.

We are here because of YOU and we will never forget how important you are to us. It couldn’t have happened without your support, so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Just like the years before, to mark our 2nd birthday here at My Chirocare, we will be contributing a percentage of our annual sales to Fei Yue because what’s a better way to celebrate the special day than paying it forward to the needy one to bring a little happiness to them (in our own humble, little way).

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Signing off,
Your leading female chiropractors at My Chirocare SG
Dr Grace, Dr Nin Kee and Dr Michelle

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