How Does Chiropractic Care Benefit Patients With Osteoporosis?

If you’re wondering if Chiropractic care is safe for osteoporotic patients, or if its risks can be mitigated with the right measures, the answer is- YES! With the right steps and mindset, you can actually prevent bones from weakening or deteriorating at any age.

If you have a family history of osteoporosis, there is a higher chance of you having fractures more than someone without.

Is Osteoporosis the same as Osteoarthritis?

They are not the same, osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass- which increases the risk of spontaneous fractures whereas osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints.

Often painless until a bone fracture occurs, Osteoporosis can happen most often to the bones in your hips, spine and wrists. It is also known as a ‘silent disease’ as Osteoporosis can make your bones so brittle- that a fall or mild stress like a cough on the area can cause fracture!

Watch our latest vlog on Osteoporosis and the prevention of it down below to understand how you can help your loved one to delay the progression of this disease or ease them through with the right chiropractic care management if they are already diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Is chiropractic good for osteoporosis?

Having osteoporosis can affect the patient in more ways than one- someone with osteoporosis may also be at a higher risk of spinal fragility issues. We understand the progression of the disease here at My Chirocare which is why besides being gentle with our manual adjustment, for people with Osteoporosis, we usually use instrumented-assisted devices called the Activator to adjust their spine.

At My Chirocare, we help patients with Osteoporosis or at risk of Osteoporosis to have a better quality lifestyle. Building health through wellness.

If you or anyone you know is at risk of osteoporosis or has recently been diagnosed, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at My Chirocare. We are confident that we will be able to help you and if we don’t we will let you know where you should be. 😊

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