Prenatal Pregnancy Chiropractic Care- with the Webster Technique.

While pregnancy is a beautiful experience for many women, the journey is also filled with physical, physiological, hormonal and emotional changes as the body morphs to accommodate a growing baby. 

During pregnancy, women experience gravity shifts from modified posture through shoulders and increased lumbar curve. The body will also produce a hormone called relaxin to loosen the joints, increase mobility and decrease stability which then create aggravation of previous joint injuries and amplifies pelvic imbalances.  Almost 75% of pregnant women experience some form of lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain and joint pain as the pregnancy progresses. However, pain is not a normal part of pregnancy and is the body’s way of communicating with a pregnant woman that her body is out of balance and that the baby may be uncomfortable.

As pain medications are mostly contraindicated during pregnancy, a safer and more holistic approach such as proper Pregnancy Chiropractic care is recommended. A prenatal chiropractor helps minimise musculoskeletal strain to manage pregnancy-related discomfort. 

Prenatal chiropractic care also helps restore proper biomechanics of misaligned spine, pelvis, joints and pelvic floor muscles as well as optimise the function of the nervous system to help maintain a healthy pregnancy and possibly reduce labour time. 

At My Chirocare, the Webster Technique is used in helping pregnant women throughout their pregnancy.

What is the Webster Technique, and why do I need it? 

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment and analysis of the sacrum to optimise the function of the nervous system and establish pelvis balance. A balanced pelvis reduces undue tension in the attached muscles and ligaments and hence provides a good environment in the womb for a developing baby for optimal fetal positioning. 

Developed by Dr. Larry Webster to ease childbirth, stabilise the pelvis and reduce pregnancy pains, the Webster Technique has become a familiar term in the pregnancy and birth conversation- more families are seeking chiropractic care to support a more comfortable pregnancy journey.

At My Chirocare, our chiropractor Dr. Nin Kee is a certified Perinatal care specialist with Webster certification and a registered member of both the General Chiropractic Council U.K. as well as the ICPA- International Chiropractic Paediatrics Association. Dr. Nin Kee is specially trained and authorised to provide these specialised adjustments for pregnant mothers.

Benefits of using the Webster Technique during pregnancy

  • Helps decrease discomfort and pains felt as the baby grows and body changes
  • Decreases sciatica pain/pinched nerves
  • Better postural support
  • Reduces heartburn 
  • Induces better sleep and better moods
  • Increases mobility
  • Reduces tensions in the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus
  • Allows more space in the pelvis for the baby to move and engage.

What to expect from a Webster Technique during my Chiropractic visit?

At your appointment, your Chiropractor will first assess to see if you are experiencing any body misalignments. Through the chiropractic evaluation of the sacrum, pelvis and the surrounding soft tissues, a gentle adjustment to the pelvis and  gentle soft tissue release of the ligaments at both sides of your growing belly (round ligaments) and the pelvic floor ligaments and muscles will be performed.

The frequency of care depends on the severity of the condition(s) and the pregnant woman’s lifestyle. Most of the pregnant patients will feel better after a few sessions of intensive course of treatments, normally twice a week to start with. Regular visits to your prenatal chiropractor thereafter throughout the pregnancy will help optimise the mother’s pelvic function and nervous system to ensure healthier pregnancy and birth.

Should I consider Prenatal Pregnancy Care?

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, safe and effective drug-free discipline. Adverse events are very rare and your chiropractor will assess you individually for any risks before commencing care. Nevertheless, choosing a chiropractor who is Webster certified will help you more in terms of relieving pregnancy aches and pains and to ensure a smoother pregnancy journey. Do consider a prenatal care plan for yourself or a loved one as the gift of life should be experienced beautifully; with minimal to no discomforts as the body goes through hormonal and bone structure changes.

Do you know? Famous celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfield, amongst many others, swear by the art of a well-planned prenatal chiropractic care plan.

Know anyone experiencing pregnancy pains and aches or anyone who simply wants to enhance their pregnancy experience?

Here at My Chirocare, our chiropractors are experienced in helping pregnant women for a healthier pregnancy and better birthing experience and Dr. Nin Kee is also a Webster certified prenatal chiropractor.Make an appointment with us here or give us a call at: (+65) 6208 4669.

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