Vlog: A Worrying Trend—Text Neck in the Youth

Previously, we covered the symptoms of text neck and some tips on managing your condition.

In today’s vlog, we’re going to take a look at a concerning pattern: the rise of text neck cases in our youth. We’ll also demonstrate treatment options suitable for youths with the condition.

A brief refresher: what is text neck?

Text neck is commonly used to describe neck aches or pain associated with continual habits of looking down, most likely at your mobile device. Our head weighs about 5kg; bending forward just three centimetres doubles the head weight! When bent further forward, this weight could be tripled or more. Over time, this causes repetitive stress injury, leading to a text neck.

Why are so many young people developing a text neck?

Singapore has one of the most mobile-savvy populations in Southeast Asia. More kids are starting on mobile phones and tablets at a much younger age: surveys show that 1 in 2 children below the age of 2 have screen time exposure, while kids aged 12 spend more than 6 hours daily on mobile devices.

From a very young age, kids spend long hours on their phones with their heads bent forward. Over time, this leads to repetitive stress on the neck, causing the development of a text neck. Consequently, cases of text neck are increasing especially in this demographic.

But why should I be concerned?

Text neck, if untreated, is irreversible and permanent. It may lead to spondylosis, which is the degeneration of the spine. Formerly associated with ageing, this condition is becoming shockingly common in teenagers, who should be in the prime of their lives!

As a youth, what are my options for treating text neck?

Many of the tips outlined in our previous article can also apply to youths with text necks. With the pressures of school and work, many youths today have uniquely fast-paced and hectic lives. Hence, the best way to manage text neck in this demographic is to develop small, simple but effective everyday habits as part of your routine, which we talk about in our vlog below.

In addition to these tips, we also go through and demonstrate a range of suitable text neck treatments in our vlog, including various chiropractic adjustments and devices used.

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