Vlog: How Do Spinal Decompression Tables Work?

Have you wondered how a spinal decompression table actually works? We hear you, and here’s us sharing with you the mechanics behind this wonderful technology- helping patients with acute/chronic pain to relieve pressure from chronic neck and back pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves and form general wellness throughout their chiropractic journey with us. 💙

Spinal decompression helps anyone suffering from pain (caused by spinal nerve irritation or pinched nerves) get relief by ‘decompressing’ the spaces between the vertebrae of your spine, thus allowing pressure to be lifted off your nerves and facet joints as well as promoting repositioning or retraction of bulging/herniated discs of a specific level.

This therapy is performed on a computer-controlled spinal decompression table by trained chiropractors and often assisted by a chiropractic assistant to help with pain management.

Unlike the spinal traction machine that gives continuous traction to just lift off the pressure on the nerve, a spinal decompression machine runs in cycles of stretching and relaxing, through stretching of the spine with a pelvic harness, creating a pumping mechanism to promote movements of water, oxygen, and other nutrients into the discs which allow healing of the discs.

Non-surgical treatment option using the Spinal Decompression Table needs little to no recovery time in between sessions, is pain-free, and often costs much less than surgery.

If you know anyone suffering from chronic or even acute body pain, do bring them along for a visit to My Chirocare, where your 1st consultation will be 50% off!

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