Vlog: Spinal Cord Anatomy

Most people know that the spinal cord is important for our daily functioning. It houses our central nervous system and supports our body. But do you know how it works and why these specific functions are important?

Spine Anatomy Labeled: Parts of the Spine

For starters, the spine comprises three sections: the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

The cervical spine is also known as the neck. As the part of the spine closest to the brain, it’s an incredibly crucial part of the central nervous system! Blood vessels carrying vital nutrients directly to the brain are housed here. It also supports your head and enables flexibility.

The thoracicspine is the most rigid and inflexible part of the spine. It is built that way as it holds up the body, meaning it must be strong enough to withstand huge amounts of pressure exerted when standing or sitting.

Finally, the lumbar spine is the centre of our body’s locomotion: be it running, jumping or swimming, most big movements originate from the lumbar spine! As a heavily-used area, it’s especially prone to wear and tear and must be well-cared for.

Caring For Your Spine

The key to keeping your spine healthy lies in two key areas: exercise and nutrition.

Exercise strengthens the back muscles, stabilising and lending further support to your spine. Some good exercises to perform (with proper form, of course) include:

  • Bridges
  • Knee-to-chest stretches
  • Stuart McGill’s Big Three Exercises, which build lower back endurance. These exercises include the McGill Curl-up, the Side Bridge and the Bird Dog, which can be found in this article
  • Certain weight training exercises such as pull-ups and lat pull-downs, if you are able to perform them properly

You can read posts 12 and 3 in our Nutrition series to find out more about foods that nourish your body and spine!

To learn more about each section of the spine and its functions more in-depth, do continue watching our vlog below!

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