Vlog: Importance of Sitting Posture

As many of us continue to work from home or transition back into office life, one thing has not changed: we are still spending hours hunched over our desks, sitting for long hours on end. In times like these, good posture sitting down is crucial to maintaining good back health.

There are many benefits of good posture, including psychological ones: it boosts confidence, makes you appear more outwardly self-assured and boost energy levels. A study published in 2018 in a US National Library of Medicine academic journal reported that good posture improved negative thoughts and emotions, in turn increasing self-esteem and improving body image.

“Why is good posture so hard”? That is not true at all! Good posture can be trained, and practicing good posture is key to keeping conditions such as arthritis at bay. This is because good posture ensures that your bones and muscles are aligned properly, facilitating the most efficient bodily movements that also reduce strain and pressure on the body. This reduces wear and tear that eventually leads to osteoarthritis. In short, good posture ensures that you remain mobile and healthy for many more years, and is central to increased quality of life.

In this vlog, we discuss how to have good posture at work, including techniques that involve body awareness. We also run through the importance of ergonomics and methods for maintaining good posture when one feels discomfort or is in pain as well as when an injury occurs. Alternatively, you can check out our blog article on tips for maintaining good posture. Watch our vlog below!

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