We are 1 year old!

Out of the desire to create a safe place for the community to get healthier, access health information and live their lives to the fullest, as well as give back to the community, My Chirocare was born on 5th April 2021.

When we see our patients walk out of the clinic smiling or feeling better, we are reminded that enhancing the lives of our patients is the very core of our profession. We are blessed to have the opportunity to care for others and to help people live better through the field of chiropractic. 

Thank You for Your Trust!

We are thankful to the patients for choosing My Chirocare, seeking our help and confiding in us at their most vulnerable times. This reminds us to always treat others how we would want to be treated, or how we would expect our families to be treated.

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel.” A new patient who was struggling with pain told us after her first visit to us. We learnt so much from her strength and inner power. We are grateful to our patients who help us gain perspective in life’s hardest moments. Life is a gift.

We would also like to thank everyone who have been working hard and giving their 100% in helping us help the community. Thank you May, Mariam and Sharm for being the awesome, kind and helpful Chiropractic Assistants and for sticking with us through highs and lows. Thank you to the team in Media Unboxxed for helping us to create a space online for our health mission to  reach more people out there. 

A Single Act of Kindness Could Produce A Dozen More

Without the trust of the patients, their families and the teams at the front of the house and background, we would not be where we are today. We are grateful for the support and would like to pay it forward. We will be contributing a percentage of our sales of the year to Fei Yue. Thank you for supporting us to serve the community for better health and positivity. 

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