Age-Related Musculoskeletal Concerns and Geriatric Chiropractic Care in Singapore

As we gracefully age, our bodies experience natural changes, particularly in terms of musculoskeletal health. These changes can lead to joint stiffness, reduced mobility and increased vulnerability to injuries, which in turn, can impact our overall well-being. Geriatric chiropractic clinics in Singapore use holistic methods to provide hope for the ageing population through personalised solutions- offering a pathway towards a pain-free future filled with vitality and joy, even for fall prevention.

A popular choice amongst the seniors, chiropractic care targets the unique musculoskeletal challenges that they face, such as degenerative joint conditions (e.g., osteoarthritis),  spinal misalignments and weakened muscles that may come with age due to accumulation of stress from daily life. Unlike common misconceptions, geriatric chiropractors use gentle and safe techniques to provide comfort and natural healing during a chiropractic treatment session. The goal is to restore proper spinal alignment, improve function of the joint and the nervous system and alleviate pain without causing additional stress or discomfort.

By identifying the root causes of age-related musculoskeletal issues, geriatric chiropractic care aims to enhance the overall quality of life and promote independence among older adults, enabling them to enjoy daily activities with ease and regain confidence in their well-being.

Empowering Pain-Free Living through geriatric chiropractic care
Seniors often face chronic pain and mobility challenges which impacts their daily activities due to degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis, spinal misalignments and reduced muscle strength. Our role as chiropractors is to find the root causes of these concerns to reduce pain, improve function and enhance well-being so there can be improved mobility and a higher quality of life through the golden ages.

Nevertheless, chiropractic care can still be a source of worry for seniors, especially when they fear forceful adjustments. Which is why geriatric chiropractors like ourselves at My Chirocare are well aware of the specific needs of older adults and employ gentle and safe techniques during treatments. Rest assured, these chiropractic adjustments are designed for your comfort and well-being in mind.

The main goal of these gentle adjustments is to restore proper alignment of your spine and improve the function of your joints and nervous system. By doing so, they can effectively ease any existing pain without causing additional stress or discomfort. With gentle and safe techniques, you can experience the benefits of chiropractic care without any unnecessary concerns.

Some chiropractors will also use advanced therapeutic technology modalities and prescribe rehabilitation exercises in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to accelerate the rate of recovery and to stabilise the condition so that you feel better longer.

Ultrasound Therapy
This thermal and mechanical ultrasound therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling and promote the healing of injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone fracture.

Most patients reported that they feel no sensation nor discomfort during the session at all while a minority of patients will feel a little tingly or warm.

Electrotherapy works by stimulating nerves and muscles through the surface of the skin. It helps to reduce nerve pain, prevent muscle wasting, strengthen/ reactivate muscles in the early stage of atrophy, relax muscles, increase circulation and promote healing in an area.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
For people who suffer from degenerative disc disease (DDD) or slipped disc, the non-surgical spinal decompression therapy helps by allowing pressure to be lifted off your nerves and spinal facet joints as well as promoting repositioning or retraction of bulging/ herniated disc of a specific level.

As it is non-invasive, this chiropractic therapy requires little to no recovery time in between sessions and is pain free.

With time and frequent sessions, you can enhance your Quality of Life and extend your independence as improved mobility, reduction in pain factors and increased flexibility enable daily activities with ease. This also fosters a sense of empowerment and confidence in your overall well-being.

Ageing gracefully with My Chirocare
Our geriatric chiropractors help you grasp the complexities of age-related musculoskeletal concerns here at My Chirocare. In the golden years of life, embracing a pain-free and vibrant future is possible with geriatric chiropractic care. If you or your loved ones are part of the ageing community in Singapore and are facing musculoskeletal challenges, consider seeking the expertise of our specialised geriatric chiropractors. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced mobility, reduced pain and renewed vitality.

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Did you know that poor posture and spinal misalignment extend beyond aesthetics?

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